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Owls!! OMG!!

I love this flash, let alone loving the song too. It's so catchy, it makes me want to sing it out loud. Oh Owls!!


I really see a lot of potential in you and in your flash animation. It seems that developing story is working well :). I can't wait to see more of it. Keep up the good work :3.

Thumbs up!

This tutorial is very helpful in understanding the basics of gunshots and explosions, indeed. :). It's good to know that their are more that one way of doing explosions and also, it is great to understand the physics of a firing gun. Thank you for this tutorial :D.

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This isn't your ordinary action puzzle game. Not only do you have to shoot way out of the dark, but also to be wise using your paintball ammo too. Well played, good sir. :)

io3creations responds:

Much appreciated! :)


Amazing graphics, funny yet racist jokes, and challenging levels; I must say this game is pretty awesome. It's definitely a game to replay again and again. :3

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Son of a Monkey!

This game is great! Event though this is a classical 8-bit game, it still draws me in and makes me want to continue further. Very addicting it is. Wow!

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Such Passion

This musical piece is moving, and flows with such beauty. I can imagine this song in a somber and dramatic scene. Words cannot describe on how much passion is given in this music that you have created. Keep up the great work :D.

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In awe

Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this funky music... It's just pure, funk. Good job. Keep up the great work! :3

Flailing with excitement

I really love the anime-esqe voice that you do. You really put a lot emotion into it the acting. I seriously like the suave and serious voice in this demo. Keep up the good work. :D

Adidaas responds:

I'm glad you think my voice gives off an anime feeling, means a lot. Thanks for the compliments.

College graduate, full-time hobo, Freelance multimedia designer, and a artist. I really like draw (obviously), but I would like to delve into flash animation... and maybe, someday... I might come out with an animated flash... yep...

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